Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Procedures

What time does school begin and end?

  • 7:45am school begins (Arrival)
  •  2:15pm school ends (Dismissal)

What is the earliest my child can arrive at school?

  • Early care begins at 6:30am in the upper grades gym (Cost)
  • Students permitted in the building at 7:25 am. 

What do I do if my child is late to school?

  • Students are considered late if they arrive after 7:45am. 
  • Students arriving after 7:45am must checked-in by a parent at the attendance office.

What do I do if my child is absent?

  • Contact the attendance office (Ms. Tabares)-770-472-2850 ext. 140133
  • Bring or send documentation regarding absence within three days.

How do I check my child out of school early?

  • Report to the attendance office to check out your child.
  • No check-outs permitted after 1:45pm.

How do I visit my child during the day?

  • Communicate with child’s teacher to ensure schedule.
  • Upon arrival check-in at the front desk and receive visitors badge.
  • Escorted by school personnel to classroom.

What do I do as a visitor to the campus?

  • Check-in at the front office.
  • Fill-out Designation Log.
  • Conduct business of school visit.
  • Sign-out in the front office. 


How can my child receive extra support with learning?

  • Attend individual teacher tutorial sessions. (Schedule posted on teacher websites.)  
  • Attend Saturday School
  • Attend other remediation sessions offered throughout the year.  

How do I get my child tested for the Gifted program?

  • Students may be referred by a parent, teacher, or another student to be tested for the Gifted program. (Ms. D. Starr & Mr. Belser)

How do I get my child tested for special need services?

  • Make a written request to child’s counselor or teacher.  

When will graded work be sent home?

  • Graded work is sent home weekly. (WolfPack folders for lower grades.)

How do I receive my Gradebook password and user name?

  • Passwords and usernames can be acquired from the counseling department or Parent Liaison.

 How do I know if my child has homework, test, etc?

  • Visit teacher’s website
  • Review classroom newsletter or student agenda book
  • Communicate with teacher (Email or face-to-face) 

Am I required to attend my child’s progress conference?

  • No, but highly encouraged.

When are progress reports sent out?

  • Every 4.5 weeks (Progress reports)
  • Every 9 weeks (Report cards) 

Student Support

How do I communicate with my child’s teacher(s)?

  • Email and telephone calls are means of communication. 
  • Scheduled face-to-face parent conference. (Counselors) 

What do I do if I suspect my child is being bullied?

  • Contact child’s counselor or administrator.

Can my child make-up missed work due to being absent?

  • Yes, your child has three days to complete any missed assignments.

How do I schedule a meeting with my child’s counselor?

  • A written request via email or note.
  • A school visit to counseling office.     

What if I am having an issue with my child’s teacher?

  • 1st line of communication is with the teacher.
  • 2nd line of communication is with the child’s administrator. 

Does my child’s teacher have a website?

  • Yes, all teachers are required to have a teacher website.

What extra-curricular activities may my child take part?

  • EWA offers a variety of clubs and events for student participation.
  • 6th-8th may participate in county athletic programs.  

If I have one child staying after school, may their sibling stay after school with them?

  • No, all students participating in after school activities are supervised by a sponsor.
  • Children not participating in an extra-curricular activity are not permitted to stay after school. (No one to supervise student)

What is the procedure for a child who is on medication?

  • An emergency card (green card) is completed and returned to school.
  • Medications are administered by the health technician. (Ms. A. Jackson)-770-472-2850 ext.140124  

Behavioral Management 

What is the school-wide behavioral management policy?

  • Varies depending on infraction (See Student Code of Conduct)
  • Progressive behavioral management is employed.   

How do I know if my child has behavioral infractions?

  • Parent receives communication from teacher. (Minor)  
  • Parent receives verbal and written notification of major infractions.

What does my child do while in the Behavioral Management Center? 

  • Completes reflection  assignments
  • Completes classroom assignments

How does my child receive their assignments if serving OSS? 

  • Contact child’s teacher or counselor.
  • 3 days upon return to school to submit to teacher.

Textbooks and Supplies

Do I have to buy supplies for my child?

  • Yes, a general supply list is available and specific teacher supplies are given.

May I donate supplies to my child’s classroom?

  • Yes, classroom supply donations are greatly appreciated.

Will my child receive classroom textbooks?

  • Yes, all students will be assigned specific textbooks by their teacher.
  • Classroom sets of textbooks are utilized during class.
  • All lost textbooks and library books must be paid for at the expense of the parent. 

Will my child receive a locker?

  • Upper grades student will be permitted to rent a locker on a 1st come 1st service basis.
  • Locker rental is $3.00 and will be received and receipted by homeroom teacher. 


How do I know what bus my child’s ride?

  • Check the CCPS school bus locator.

What if my child misses the bus?

  • Parent notified and arrangements made to pick up child.

What do I do if my child is riding a different bus home?

  • Write a note with a telephone number for verification.
  • Student receives new bus rider form (Up to 5 days)

What if I am unable to pick up my child after school?

  • Notify the school as early as possible.
  • Make arrangements for child pick.
  • Student left may be turned over to DFACS. (Reoccurrences) 


What are the dates and time of early release days?

  • Check CCPS website for dates.
  • EWA will dismiss at 1:30pm.

Are parents required to volunteer at the school?

  • No, but parent engagement is vital to student success.

I want to volunteer what should I do?

  • Complete volunteer form for background clearance.
  • Return to Ms. Alston, Parent Liaison.-770-472-2850 ext. 140111
  • Background check must be approved prior to volunteering.

How do I become proactive in my child’s education?

  • Open communication with teacher
  • Volunteer at the school
  • Know the standards your child must demonstrate mastery.

Where is the student’s lost and found?

  • Located in the cafeteria behind the stage.

Am I allowed to bring in food for my child’s birthday? (Ex. cupcakes, cake)

  • Yes, however, must be coordinated with the teacher. 


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